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Album Review:: J. Cole - Born Sinner

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Jermaine Cole, better known to us all as J Cole drops his sophomore release "Born Sinner" I took the title be homage to Biggie, and when listening to the first track my suspicions were confirmed with the clever use of a Biggie sample on the song called "Villuminati", which is one of my favorites on the album.  Kudos to J Cole for respecting the elders of the game but also over using Jay''s name on the hook, "sometimes I brag like Hov"..... No need to name drop son. We know where you come from.


This album is largely produced by J Cole himself and me being a former producer myself appreciates his boom bap approach to music making.  Outside of his radio songs, "Power Trip" featuring Miguel and "Crooked Smile" featuring TLC, the sound is distinctly hip hop. I have to say I was never a fan of J Coles'' features on other artists’ tracks but I was pleasantly surprised by the way he holds it down on his own album.  His cocky nature and youthful cadence carry him through the tracks nicely.

Jay Z billed this kid as the next big thing, while he may be getting a lot of shine from his root fan base, I would not call this the 2nd coming of Hip Hop by any means but the record is very solid.  It’s a very introspective and at times self deprecating look into the life of kid on the rise in the industry.  Based off this album I''m becoming a J Cole fan.

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