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Concert Review:: Floetry Reunion Tour 2015

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When Floetry speaks, the cool people listen! Not since 2006 has The Floacist (Natalie Stewart) and Marsha Ambrosius been united on tour to form the group Floetry.  The 2015 reunion tour made a stop in Columbus Ohio at the LC Pavilion and for true fans of the group, did not disappoint.  

The set began with a classic "Big Ben", an upbeat and danceable track from  their first full length album Floetic where Marsha shows her emcee chops at the beginning of the song.   From there the duo delved into hits like "Mr. Messed Up" and one of their  bigger hits from the 2002 album, "Butterflies".

Later, Marsha walked off stage to allow the Floacist some solo time.  She declared that she dropped no less than three albums during their hiatus and has been "at home chillin" when not in the studio or on tour doing spoken word poetry.  I must admit,  I was never a fan of her solo work but live in person the Floacist was a natural crowd mover with lots of call and response and working the crowd.  At one point she walked into the crowd mid verse while touching the hands of fans and it all came off seamlessly.

Marsha Ambrosius returned to do her own brief solo set that included tracks from her solo album “Late Nights Early Mornings”.  Marsha is a true songstress, displaying her impeccable falsetto range, hitting all of her marks beautifully. In between songs she took time out to tell the crowd that she was not ashamed of being "ratchet". She went on to describe herself as "sophisticatedly ratchet" or “ratchet but classy” which got a rousing applause from the audience.

When the pair joined on stage for the finale the mood was set.  Lights dim, slow keys played into the beginning of "Getting Late" and one of my favorite slow jams of all time "Say Yes".  There were what can only be described as screams of ecstasy coming from the crowd as Marsha crooned warm sexy words softly and slowly.  I myself cannot lie, I was memorized by the tone that was set and the feeling of heat that enveloped the concert floor.  

The concert ended on a high note to get people dancing again with a version of “Floetic” that morphed into the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air that had the entire venue reciting the lyrics in unison.

For nine years out of the spotlight as a duo, Floetry has not missed a step and they literally managed to do a brief choreographed dance  a couple of times during sets.  The show was great leaving everyone wondering what’s next for this talented and soulful group.




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