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Album Review:: Julie Dexter - New Again

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On her 6th album release, under her own record label, (Ketch a Vibe) Julie Dexter sets the tone of the album from track one. “Sunrise” is a masterfully produced, heavily drum influenced track, reminiscent of a Roots jam session, Julie paints an auditory tapestry of positive vibes and energy, as her voice flows like water over the track, a definite standout on the album. As I got deeper into the album I noticed a subtle seduction was taking place and I was open to it! The catchy rhythm of “Love 2 Love” is both a head nodder and a great “baby we gonna make it if we hang in there together” type story of hope in a relationship. Again the production here, really over the entire album embraces a complicated simplicity with lots jazz influenced sounds and hip hop drum patterns but not so much that it escapes the real Neo Soul genre the overall sound encompasses.

The title track “New again” is sonically brilliant. Smooth piano accents and some heavier synth’s wrap around the voice of Dexter like a warm blanket while she walks the beat like a Paris runway, pausing every so often to show off the garment to adoring crowds. Overall, a very solid effort from a seasoned artist whom I am sure we will be hearing a great deal more in the future.


Listen to snippets of the album below


Album is available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.