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Album Review:: Zo! - ManMade

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You may not know who Lorenzo Ferguson is, hell, you may not even know who Zo! is unless you have a deep knowledge of instrumental hip hop and soulful underground neo-soul music production.... His latest album, MadMade is full of his head nodding production.

This album features a lot of soulful singers including Sy Smith, Phonte of Foreign Exchange, Carlita Durand, Eric Roberson, Anthony David and more.  Seeing these features alone would be enough for me to buy the album without even hearing it.

 Zo! stitches together a palette of sounds that paints vivid and crisp images and soothing vibes.  His production style is extremely versatile and he seems to tailor fit the music to the featured singer on the tracks, making the album sound very cohesive and whole. 
The album starts with an electro up beat track called "The Train".  Sy Smith handles vocal duties on this feel good, bouncy track.

My favorite would have to be what I refer to as the grown folks song on the album, "Body Rock" again handled by vocalist Sy Smith.  The song an 8 minute smoothed out lovers ballad, perfect for a quiet evening under the stars with a bottle of wine....I could go on but you get the picture!

The bottom line is that this is a very solid effort with rich production and vocals from some of the most soulful people in the game. I am looking forward to seeing Zo''s stock rise and get opportunities to work with some more mainstream artists in the future. I highly recommend giving this album a listen.