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New Music! 'Truth Is' this new Teri Tobin album is hot!!

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Teri Tobin has released her newest album, Truth Is, and like her critically acclaimed debut album, Love Infinity (2011), this album promises yet another superb collection of 14 original soulful, melodic, jazzy, mid-tempo songs inspired by love. Truth Is depicts love in various ways, whether it be the heartbreak of losing a love in "Wish You Were Here", written and produced by David "NuDae" Edmonds (Kevon Edmonds), to finding love in "Love Happens", co-written and produced by Shawn Hibbler (Kindred the Family Soul, Darius Rucker, Mike Phillips) which says " happens when you least expect...and you'll never ever see it coming..." or as in love for yourself in "#Shine", co-written and produced by Dominic White.

"The title Truth Is symbolizes the truth that would be told by telling my personal stories in hopes that someone else may be able to relate", says Tobin.

"Truth are wonderfully made so always be you." - Teri Tobin

Album is now available in iTunes and Amazon.

Check out the video for "Make Beautiful"


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